Evergreen… where 50 year old scots pines await to welcome you to Saskatoon’s newest neighborhood. Where every home is close to the park, a field, a trail, where urban lifestyle and nature harmonize, where the village square is just stroll, a jog, or a peddle away. Evergreen…, naturally inviting!

Source: https://www.saskatoon.ca/business-development/land-development/residential-lots/evergreen

Modeled as a sustainable urban village neighborhood, care has been taken to properly incorporate a combination of housing choices, open spaces and commercial opportunities in a sensitive and harmonious manner.

Building a home in this environmentally sustainable community gives you a variety of green options. For example, the streets of Evergreen are aligned so the majority of residences receive the full benefit of the sun’s rays, providing opportunity to incorporate solar energy into homes.

The urban village design also promotes less vehicle dependence by providing opportunities for residents to engage in commercial, social and entertainment activities inside the neighborhood without requiring the use of a vehicle.  Even the pedestrian bridge linking east to west will be a green extension.  This “Green Bridge” will be a gentle rise over McOrmond Drive, providing an open and safe route over traffic.

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